Black Friday is for Everyone

Black Friday is for Everyone

Lots of small businesses may think that Black Friday is not for them and perhaps it is only for B2C businesses and not for the B2B arena. We think it is a great opportunity to communicate with existing and new customers and to get incremental sales and connections started.  

So where do you start? Here are five key tips you might like to go with 

Personalised Email 

If you can segment your database and send targeted emails with relevant information to key customer groups you will be on to a winner right from the start. We get bombarded by generic emails at this key selling time of year. Make sure yours stands out with relevant and personalised information. 


Use Black Friday as an opportunity to re-engage with customers that might have lapsed. If you can come up with something relevant, a discount, a promotion, a special offer – perhaps some of your time for free, then why wouldn’t you want all your past customers to benefit? Even if you haven’t heard from them in a while, it is the perfect opportunity. Remind them what they bought last year and ask if they might like to go for it again. Amazon do this all the time so why reinvent the wheel! 

Stock Updates 

There is nothing more annoying about Black Friday than having a special offer but no stock available. If you can guarantee stock available and short order times you will please customers who end up having to shop around for availability. 

Abandoned Cart Email 

If you have an e-commerce website, then you need to follow up any abandoned carts and ensure that potential customers don’t shop elsewhere as they are comparing notes from one provider to another.  Make it easy to complete their transactions with you. If you are not an e-commerce offering, then consider getting in touch with any visitors to your website or invest in a remarketing campaign if appropriate. Use limited time offers to encourage the decision-making process. 

Offer Seamless Customer Service 

It is at this time of year that the poor providers can disappoint with their customer service by overpromising and underdelivering on the customer service front. Once you have secured the sale that isn’t the end of the story you need to keep your customer happy or why would they pick you again.  

  • Be clear on shipping times 
  • Make returns really easy and painless – this will encourage the sale in the first place 
  • Offer a safe and clear check out process that is simple to complete 
  • Think about live chat to your customers to answer any questions and don’t make it automated if possible. Have the team available to engage with your customers at this key buying time. 


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