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Social media boost

To explore new links and likes.

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New brand, new focus

A rebrand and new website for Amsco Fire highlights their strength in their business.

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New approach delivers new leads

A strategic marketing plan and timed activities gives structure for Kent OT to build their business.

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Smart Marketing

We help businesses in the South of England reach their marketing potential. We are problem solvers, strategic thinkers, on the ball experts in our field.

Are you a business owner looking for a way to grow your business? Does digital marketing seem like a dark art? You don’t have the time to produce a marketing plan or implement one? Is the marketing plan you have not working? Does this sound all too familiar? This is where we help.

Take a fresh look at your marketing

Want to know how to be more strategic? In need of a fresh pair of eyes? Then why not take advantage of our FREE Marketing Review. We use a set of diagnostic questions in a face-to-face meeting to gain an insight into your business. We then apply our marketing know-how to create a set of initial recommendations. Simple as that; no obligation. What do you have to lose?

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Latest blogs

Getting your marketing off to the right start in 2024

January is often the time we organise, plan, tidy up, clear out, set goals in both our work life and home life. There are specific marketing tasks worth considering in early January and although it can vary depending on your industry, business goals, and the marketing strategies you’ve outlined there are some common marketing tasks

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Why business vision is important for your marketing plans

What part does having a business vision have in preparing your marketing plans for 2024? Guidance and Purpose: A clear business vision provides direction for your company. It provides a sense of purpose and direction, helping you define what your business aims to achieve in the long term. This overarching purpose informs your marketing efforts

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Black Friday is for Everyone

Lots of small businesses may think that Black Friday is not for them and perhaps it is only for B2C businesses and not for the B2B arena. We think it is a great opportunity to communicate with existing and new customers and to get incremental sales and connections started.   So where do you start? Here

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Should your business invest in Social Media?

Social media serves various purposes, and its relevance for businesses has grown significantly in recent years. Here are the key points highlighting the importance of social media for businesses and its primary objectives: Audience Reach: Social media platforms have billions of active users, making them an excellent channel for reaching a wide and diverse audience.

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8 Reasons why video is worth the investment

If you are weighing up whether it is worth investing in video content for your marketing you might want to consider the following benefits: Engagement: Videos are highly engaging and can capture viewers’ attention better than text or images. We want potential customers to stop scrolling after all! Storytelling: They allow for effective storytelling, helping

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Green means business

Green marketing has seen an impressive rise in importance in recent years and it may be something that could add value to your plans. Green marketing is the strategy of sharing your values focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. It enables the business to show its target market and stakeholders that it has environmental

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Meet our sister company

Business development solutions that put you in the driving seat. Become a strategic business owner rather than an owner employed by your business.

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