Marketing without the song and dance

Client: FiL Straughan

FiL Straughan is a hugely talented singer songwriter. He sings a hugely diverse range of music for weddings and events, performs a Luther Vandross tribute concert and writes and performs his own music. 

Our marketing support

To update the content on his website and slim down the vast amount of content to make the customer experience clearer. We needed to clarify his offering better to demonstrate the diversity of his skills with up-to-date images and copy.


February 2022 to July 2022

The challenge

FiL was about to go on a brand-new talent show on ITV called Starstruck. A reimagining of the programme ‘Stars in their Eyes’ performing as Lionel Ritchie. His website needed updating in advance of his TV appearance and he needed support in other areas of marketing.

Our approach

We worked with his incumbent web developer to re-organise the content of his website, creating a new sitemap and editing the content into clear categories to demonstrate the different offerings and creating a clear call to action.

Project Specifics

Photo editing FiL’s huge catalogue of images and content into a clear and up to date structure and reworking the copy and the site map to clarify and promote each service offered. Ensuring up to date news and events featured more prominently and including a social feed on the home page for all the latest activity and news.

The outcome

This was all done on a very tight time frame with the show airing in March and the landscape changed midway through the project as FiL got to the final so there was a bigger story to tell! So we needed to include video clips of his performance on the website and get a press release constructed to tell the story to the local press. Ensuring the story was followed through with social media content was also a priority.

The next steps

Although FiL didn’t win the show, as with other talent shows, finalists can develop hugely successful careers and we hope to build on the story so far. Lionel Ritchie has since seen FiL’s performance and wants to meet up with him so there is more PR work to develop and website content and social media planning to work on. We have now delivered a strategic marketing plan to enable us to plan ahead the activity needed to build FiL’s business and create new streams of activity.

Our client said

Katherine helped me to streamline what had become a very overcrowded website to simplify my messaging and clarify what I was offering to my customers. With a tight timeline with my appearance on a new TV Show Starstruck we needed to get the job done quickly and professionally. It wouldn’t have happened without Katherine’s clear direction

We can help you build a strategic plan

In a series of meetings, we will work with you to build a Strategic Marketing Plan that’s right for your business.

We can help project manage your plan

We can work with you to project manage the activity plan either by using your internal resources or working with trusted partners.
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